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Riccardo Riccio

Riccardo Riccio grew up between Brazil and Italy, working as a cook from a young age. This blend of two rich cultural heritages, gave him a deep appreciation for art and beauty. 

At the age of 24, he was diagnosed with a tumor in his head. It was a challenging period for him, but he used this experience as a catalyst for change, which led him down a new path - photography.

Despite being born with Stargardt, A degenerative retina disease that makes his vision blurry, He made photography his profession and means of artistic expression. His latest project, Seeds and Tales, is a statement of his creative rebellion - from blurry to ultra-detailed macro photos.

Seeds and Tales focuses on endangered indigenous seeds in Brazil, and the fine art prints are a stunning showcase of ultra-macro photography. The contrast, details, and sharpness is unparalleled, the project finally combined his two passions - photography and food. Riccardo brings inspiration and passion with his artistic vision, trying to build a bridge between nature and the viewer.

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