Riccardo Riccio

I am a Brazilian-Italian photographer based in Barcelona. After graduating in 2020 from the creative documentary Master's degree with Magnum Agency and Spéos Photographic Institute in Paris, I worked for Divergence Images Agency, and now I focus on portraiture, documentary and personal projects. 


I use photography to make others see the beauty of my blurred world. I was in fact diagnosed with Stargardt disease during my childhood, which is a macular degeneration of the retina. My other senses grew more acute, and I became a highly skilled cook, travelling the world to join the teams of Michelin-starred restaurants. I eventually went back to Brazil and became a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and instructor, teaching the young generation grit and perseverance through martial arts.


My passion for photography started during my recovery from a brain surgery, when I realized photographs made me see the world more clearly. Since mid-2021 my work has been represented by Galerie Sentiments in Paris and AlfaAgency in Brazil.