I am a driven, artistic photographer with a knack for creative visualisation; always pushing the boundaries with hard work. Growing up in both Italy and Brazil expanded my horizons and raised my awareness of other peoples' realities. Recently, as a result of a serendipitous event, photography became my path to experiencing the world. 

I grew up between Brazil and Italy and had a great childhood that expanded my horizons and curiosity in cultures around the world. As a kid, I was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a macular degeneration in the Retina that causes my sight to be blurred. My entire life I had to go on expressing myself through my body and other senses, learning different skills from training in Martial Arts. I ultimately became a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor as well as a children's instructor, teaching the young generation grit and perseverance through martial arts.

My strong connection to my Italian heritage has made me pursue another passion this time, taste. I travelled the world cooking with world-renowned Michelin star chefs. Just when I thought my life was on the right path, I was diagnosed with a head tumor. After overcoming this battle, I decided to face my greatest challenge and devote myself to see all the things I thought my weak side was stopping me from expericieng.
As I took my first camera in hand, I discovered a new way of sensing the world. Inside this magic box I could see bright colours, details, and understand more fully the story behind each person. My goal today is to use photography as a channel for storytelling. In our world full of images and filters, I am interested in sharing value through the aesthetic of the lens.

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