blurry stories

‘Blurry Stories' shows the diverse lives of several visually impaired people, some of them were born blind, others lost their sight later in life. How do they shape their daily life in a society that evolves so greatly on the visual aspect? Each photo portrays an aspect of blindness, whether it is from my perspective, as the photographer, or that of others. They tell us something about the person rather than the handicap, distancing us from labels. 

Being born with a degenerative retina disease (Stargardt)  in both of my eyes made me push myself further than anyone else in order to better understand this topic. My intent is to bring you on my journey and allow you to see the world through my eyes. Blurry. Vague, at times. And mysterious. Not being able to see the world as we think we should, does not mean we can't perceive its beauty.


Giving a visual insight into the different realities and worlds of blindness, this is what the past months of my life have been. For most seeing is effortless, it’s organic. At least, that's what we think. Still, millions of people don't perceive this world, hence this life, visually. For the people lacking good sight, it's actually not about a lack. Many, if not most of them, feel they lack absolutely nothing in life. This 'lack' is completely made up in the minds of the people who can see. Our minds have a tendency to group and to label others who are different from ourselves. We may feel that there is a sharp contrast between the two worlds. But is it as black and white as it seems at first glance?

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