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Blurry Stories focuses on giving a visual insight into the different realities of blindness, attempting to capture and represent how blind people, whether born blind or with sight loss, visually recreate their surroundings in their mind. This process portrays a deeper view into their world which is also my world since I was born with Stargardt disease, a degeneration in the retina that causes my sight to get blurred over time. Therefore, this project has also been an intimate exploration of myself and my relationship with photography.


Became blind after 10 days of being born due to the hospital's mistake.


Blind since the age of 35 due to Glaucoma.


Became blind when she was 30 due to a rare retina genetic disorder.


"... going to the garden with my mother to pick up mint, I can still remember as if it was today, this smell brings me back to see clearly..."

Memories before becoming blind at the age of 15.